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vi commands

21 Apr 2014 » FreeBSD, Linux

%vi + name … at end
%vi -r list saved files
%vi -r name recover file name
%vi name … edit first;rest via :n
%vi -t tag start at tag
%vi +/pat name search for pat
% view name read only mode
ZZ save and exit from vi
CTRL-Z stop vi, don’t exit

File Manipulation
:w write back changes
:wq write and quit
:q quit
:q! quit, discard changes
:e name edit file name
:e! reedit discard changes
:e + name edit starting at end
:e +n name edit starting at line n
:e # edit alternate file
CTRl-^ synonym for :e #
:r(name) paste file name starting at current position.
:w(name) write file name
:w! name overwrite file name
:sh run shell, then return
:!cmd run cmd, then return
:n edit next file in arglist
:n args specify new arglist
:f show current file and line.
CTRL-G synonym for :f
:ta tag to tag file entry tag
CTRL-] :ta, following word tag

The Display
Last line Error mesg, echoing input to :/? and !, feedback about i/o and large changes
@ lines On screen only, not in file
~lines Lines past end of file
CTRL-x Control characters, DEL is delete.
tabs Expand to spaces, cursor at last.

Vi Modes
Command Normal and initial state. Others return here. Esc (escape) cancels partial command.

Insert Entered by a i A I O o c C s S R. Arbitrary test then terminates with ESC character, or abnormally with interrupt

Last line Reading input for :/? or !; terminate with ESC or CR to execute. interrupt to

m cancel.

Positioning within File
CTRL-F forward screenfull
CTRL-B backward screenfull
CTRL-D scroll down half screen
CTRL-U scroll up half screen
G goto line (end default)
/pattern next line matching pattern
?pattern prev line matching pattern
n repeat last / or ?
N reverse last / or ?
/pat/+n n’th line after pat
?pat?-n n’th line befor pat
]] next section/function
[[ previous section/function
% find matching () { or }